Admin Management Software in Chennai

Welcome to iVEEeM Technologies, We are providing Admin Management in chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Currently we are the Best School sms service provider in chennai. We are successfully running this Service since 2011.

Admin Management Software

iVEEeM provides a complete Admin Management solution to increase efficiency and performance by helping education institutions and establishing the cloud based communication amoung the Students and Staff

Our applications that enable centralized configuration, access management and record keeping for the most common administrative support functions. iVEEeM consists of applications for managing all system users and their permissions and to perform core configuration of the system with modules for Configuration

Our Services

  • Admin Management ✓Customizable admission form ✓ Manage entire payroll efficiently ✓ Customisable and robust payroll form ✓ Automatic Loss of Pay calculation ✓ Generate payslips on daily, weekly, monthly basis ✓ Efficient leave management system available ✓ Authenticated payslip approval system ✓ One click payslip approval and reject facilities ✓ Normal and advanced search facility
  • We are an information technology outsourcing and product development company with a solid software development experience helping organization reach their goals.

    Admin Management Software Provider in Chennai iVEEeM Technologies


    Excellent features of our Admin Management

    ✉Employee information is entered once and used throughout the system.
    ✉Details recorded in the Employee details in Master File.
    ✉ Quickly confirm which users are accessing data and for what purpose.
    ✉Tracking of all Employees via Cloud.

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