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Welcome to iVEEeM Technologies, We are providing SMS Management Software in chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Currently we are the Best School sms service provider in chennai. We are successfully running this Service since 2011.


lets you send SMS text messages to a range of networks in each country. You can choose to send directly from your PC, your BulkSMS web account, your phone, or even connect your systems application to our messaging server. iVEEeM aims to provide a standard platform to allow clients in School to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS.

School Sms Provider in Chennai - iVEEeM Technologyes

Your Web to SMS account enables you to log in from any computer and communicate through Individual or Bulk-SMS text messaging. Additional account features allow you to send messages from your mobile phone or your email client.

SMS Desktop SMS Software is the right solution to all your needs. SMS Software is a comprehensive and powerful desktop tool that enables you to send out SMS from your computer to mobile phones across the world. You can send messages from the comfort of your desktop window, all at the click of a button.

SMS Software Provider in Chennai iVEEeM Technologies

Our Services

  • SMS Integration✓Search for any users using the search bar ✓View profile of all users based on the roles ✓View/Edit users password and privileges ✓Set privileges to users as per their roles ✓Allows organisation to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility

  • VOICE CALL✓ Record Your Message✓Create Recipients ✓ Send and Voice Call Received


Excellent features of our SMS Software

✉It allows sending SMS in your own language like Tamil, English, Kanada, Malayalam, Hindi and all Regional Languages using your language keyboard
✉ You can upload MS Excel Spreadsheets and simply send personal customized SMS Text messages to all your customers. It also has Phonebook facility to store all your contacts. You can also upload a Text file using notepad or wordpad having details of your contacts into your Phonebook.
✉ It offers complete Management Information System including Delivery Reports.
✉You can send messages with your Brand Name or your own Sender Id.
✉ A simple and very user-friendly software and can be operated without the help of any technical person.
✉ No need to connect to Internet always, only during the time of sending the SMS Text messages. So, you can save a lot on your internet costs.
✉ Sending Sms through Mobile Apps
✉ 100% Guarantee delivery


School Sms Management Software in Chennai

A school sms management software is a software that is specifically designed to paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules that help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic performance, and other essential student information. School management system acts as a unifier for the different departmentsand can be accessed from any location. Web-based school sms management software is the best way to manage a school in a productive, systematic and organized manner.

What is the minimum requirement to use our School sms management Software for School?

Minimal requirement is to have a school with Internet with one Staff member to handle our School sms management software systems.

Which capabilities should be present in a good School Management System?

  • Efficient software solution
  • Developed to serve the academic institutes
  • Should be able to handle the fee management
  • Homework management
  • Student/staff record management
  • Attendance management
  • Timetable scheduling
  • Exam data management easily
  • It should be able to let the parents, administrative staff, teachers, and students communicate through it.
  • Important notifications should be delivered to the emails and portal accounts of the SMS users.

How much cost is calculated for the school sms management software ?

The cost of using such software is generally calculated according to the number of students and type of services. Usually it must be affordable on to schools

Is it hard to use our School sms Management Software ?

No, Any one having knowledge of Basics of computer , more than enough to use our School sms management Software

Which of these types will be the best for our academic institute?

School is operating at a very small level to High level.

What is the proficiency needed to such software?

Computer literacy is needed, not an Expert.

Do we need to give any training to our staff?

Our iVEEeM Team will guide you for Training at the time of our school sms management software softwrae delivery

The major benefits of our School sms software for school are:

  • Easy and Faster Communication
  • User-friendly and hassle-free to use for teachers and parents
  • Access from anyone
  • Transparency
  • Information Tracking
  • Efficient Information management
  • Complaints and Query Management

Features of School sms management software in Chennai

  • Bulk Sms
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Bulk Scheduling Sms
  • Picture sms
  • Marketing campaigns sms for Existing School
  • Birthday sms for school teachers and students
  • School sms Delivery Status
  • Details School Sms Tracking
  • Mobile Sms App Supports for Students and parents
  • School Exam, Time table, Result( Local and Government Exam)
  • Email Alert for Students through School Sms Management Software systems
  • Sms Templates based on Occations
  • Segment of contact based on department, year, and class
  • Voice Calls through School Sms Management Systems
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